02 July 2008

Five Guys Columbia Heights!

Yow! The Five Guys at 1400 Irving St NW has finally opened, as of yesterday - or the day before. Somehow I missed it. Now, as soon as you step off the Columbia Heights Metro, you will be struck down immediately by the call of greasy American fare. Being veg, all I eat from Five Guys are the french fries, but oh man are they delish. And I'm always hearing great things about those burgers, so give it a shot if you've never been.
Then head over immediately to Sticky Fingers Bakery, only about two blocks away, for a cowvin cookie or some other vegan dessert to polish it all off. Mmm.

Also, an interesting post on the future of local retail in the age of DC's rapid gentrification.


Tim said...

as a vegan i took heart in being able to order the fries and have them be edible. but seriously, after seeing the calorie count, i don't think i can go back!

luckily sticky fingers hasn't posed their nutritional information online....

Andrew said...

Hey, thanks for the link to my blog. I'll add one to yours!