24 December 2008

Debate over burritos, linked from DCist.com

Mmm. I realize it's not yet 7am, but this discussion over the best burritos in the District reminds me that there are many burrito shops that I haven't yet tried. Plenty of places in Mount Pleasant, even, which is super close to my house. Say what you will, I consider the burrito an art form among foods.

Also, it seems I'm among the few who rank The Burro's burritos high... have that habanero sauce once, though, and you'll never look back.

15 December 2008

Still the season to be thankful?

Just to note in passing, Metrorail's got a few cars running now with the new cloth-covered seats and non-carpeted floors. It's clean-looking, and probably much easier to clean... a few nights ago the car I was riding in had a pile of vomit under one of the seats and I'm sure it's no fun for Metro employees to clean that from the carpeted floor.

Also, I was discussing the Metro system with a couple classmates who all hail from other locations (and have traveled somewhat extensively). We pretty much agreed that although we love to complain about Metro's failures - which, okay, have recently been quite glaring - overall it's a very well-maintained and easy to navigate system compared to others worldwide. Yeah, we're not the best, but sometimes we need to show more respect for the DC Metro system. And yes, I did hear that story about the Metro elevator that suddenly went into reverse...

08 December 2008

Mad frenzy of final paper writing.

Wow, so tonight I polished off the third ten-page paper I've written in the last two weeks, and I came to the realization that I've really found my groove in terms of academic paper-writing. It seems the first two years I've written papers for class that were good, you know - ones which acceptably met the guidelines for length, content, amount of analysis, whatever - but not above par.

And finally I've snagged it, the grace of writing that feels natural even in the confines of the academic voice. Length doesn't phase me because it's simply another border within which to work, but doesn't really change the level of 'difficulty' in writing the paper. It would sound blasphemous to the student of my times past, but I can proclaim now: "I enjoy it! I thrive off this stuff. I'd be absolutely content spending the rest of my life churning out pages filled with ideas and dance these words around to infinity." There must be a scientific basis for this "writer's high." Once I pushed through the muck of tentative freshman- and sophomore-year writing, those countless essays of stop-and-go, half-formed arguments (which felt like pointless essays then), I hit my stride here, this fall of my junior semester. However, history can't be written as it's occurring, right? Time'll tell.
Maybe the sheer number of pages I've subjected myself to writing this semester, taking three English classes and another two which involve several essays, has forced me to break the ennui. Last week, I had felt utterly drained: as if all the words had been taken out of me. But then I knew, it's a part of the writing process and it's a part of what makes writing so damn difficult sometimes - when there's nothing left, still you must take more from yourself. And it's probably why so many writers have a psychotic break. Heh, I kid... maybe.

Next week I've got final exams. This winter break is going to feel niiice.

01 December 2008

It's now December. Where does the time go?

Lots to remember about the year 2008:
Barack Obama elected first African-American president of the U.S. (and my first time voting in a presidential election), much global worry over the financial crisis, first tattoo, summer Olympics in Beijing, pirates and vampires abound, house shows and living in the Columbia Heights house with Aaron and Katie and Sarah (plus signing my first lease), countless bombings and crashes worldwide, trips to North Carolina and Montreal, one of my best friends finally getting out of the hospital, training new employees at work and going to concerts with co-workers, and appreciating youth as I turned 20.