24 July 2008

Ooh! The Loftstel!

I'm intrigued by this house called the Loftstel that I sort of stumbled upon online. It's a communal living idea that has materialized in DC - right over in the Petworth neighborhood - as well as a couple other cities, including NYC where it began. It's a big group house that serves as a hostel for people who intend on longer stays, while job- or house-searching for example, and are looking for a more social temporary living situation. Seems really conducive to meeting a bunch of cool folks when you're new to an area! There are student discounts on the rate, but it's still a bit pricey for one bed in Petworth. The one in Philly is 400$/month for students; here, it's more than double that.
Now I really want to see the Loftstel in Petworth. Curiosity compels me. I bet it's fun! I don't even know much about that area... I've been to Domku, but that was way back when (okay, a year ago).

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