14 August 2008

40-hour workweeks, nine-to-fives...

I'd like to find a statistic on the number of people working approximately 9-to-5 Monday through Friday in DC, because I bet it's a huge proportion of our working population.
Downtown during a weekday is a good indication of this - basically all you'll come across is office buildings, lunchtime establishments, and caffeine pit-stops. It's a desolate area after hours, when you'll be hard pressed to find a place to eat or something to do and the streets will be empty, save for those few drained souls treading back to the Metro to get home and crash before another long day in the office. The more social of their coworkers have dispersed into the surrounding city by this time and are working on drink three.
Actually, since my "weekend" by the five-day workweek standards usually falls on Monday and Tuesday, I've found that there's a certain niche in DC of those who shun the 9-to-5s. They're found in the coffee shops - all day long it seems! In this way, even the cool coffee shops become a bit more like offices...

1 comment:

Ian said...

you can sit on your ass and get old
and know there's nothing wrong with that so
you can numb yourself with all your pills
and say "i'm ok"

but somethin tells me we didn't evolve
to be content with TV and malls
and my back aches from soft beds and chairs
and opposible thumbs lead to carpel tunnel
and my eyes burn when i drive at night

my teeth rot from all of my sweets
and my head aches without the caffeine
and my body wont rise for your 9 to 5

the west simply grew up too soon
and our bodies dont know what to do
with all these boxes lines and hoops we jump through
just to come home to an unmade bed and prime time

cuz maybe darwin was right
and if he is then the west wont survive
the cancer will claim you well before your prime
if we don't slash our wrists just to feel alive