21 August 2008

It's already looking brighter in DC...

Within a couple weeks of the DC SmartBike program starting up, there's already talk of expanding - adding more locations, and of course more bikes. More bikes in the city! Currently there are 120 SmartBikes total, and with 450 people signed up already, they'll need to move to catch up. It's been hailed as a hugely successful start to a program that'll put more people in the saddle, help speed up the process of making DC more bike-friendly, and promote courtesy among drivers and cyclists. At least I hope.

They're talking plans for Capitol Hill as one of the crucial stops in expansion. It'd also be neat to see DC SmartBike come to Columbia Heights, maybe as part of the whole DC USA growth at the Metro. I've seen the stations full of bikes around the city, but have yet to spot a person renting one out or riding one.

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Ian said...

Yeah, I read that on DCist too! This is great - the more bikes there are on the streets, the safer and more bike-friendly a city DC becomes. I'm going to sign up just as soon as I find 40 dollars. =)