02 November 2008

Noted to myself, on the bus.

  • Caught myself in a foolish line of thinking, one that won't come as much of a stretch for most Americans today. We'll buy items to serve a specific purpose, accumulating more and more, getting hooked on getting more, eventually become so depressed by the weight of it all and the sight of ourselves. It's illogical but we do it.
  • It's great getting a free ride on the bus. Hardly ever happens on Metrorail, though - their system is much more organized with the entry and exit gates.
  • So of course we're each burdened by our own afflictions, and that's not new. Read some good lit, burst into life, and ride your tide out. It's not that simple but it sure feels that way when you're young, and afraid of getting any older. Fame's not as important as experiencing as much as possible (whenever I read the Romantics, I want to get out and just wander). There's more to be found in getting low than reaching those heights sometimes.

Election Day is November 4th, this Tuesday! Go vote, do everything else afterwards. It's been such a long time coming that I'm pretty tired of election coverage and campaigning and opinion polls... and here's to hoping it won't take a month to get the results.

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