27 January 2009

First sticking snow of the winter?

We've had a couple of days this winter of mild flurry fall, but this morning I awoke to a nice steady snowfall that has decided so far to stick. They're predicting a couple of inches before the day is out! Finally.

Yeah! Snow!!A light morning dust upon my street.

Also, am I the only one who had trouble figuring out this next slogan?

It reads on the 7-Eleven coffee cups: "If we charged any more for coffee, you'd have to wait in line."
I get it now, and I guess I'll grant that there's value to the type of advertising campaign that isn't immediately translucent to the consumer. It did capture my attention and force me to ponder why it was that I'd have to wait in line... It's possible, however, that it was just my pre-caffeinated dozy state (practically slept through the whole bus ride). 7-Eleven's strategy of mimicking higher end coffee shops is appropriate for the pocketbooks of today. Pseudo-lattes galore, eh? Let's just say a buck and some change is far easier to swallow - or to sip - than three or four bucks of burnt beans.

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