24 June 2008

Nocturnalism, night buzz, fresh mornings.

Walked home last night [after several cups of coffee - buzzbuzz] on sidewalks emptied of their daylight activity, the few lone wanderers illuminated briefly under street lamps, houses heavy under the weight of sleep... Nice having a coffeehouse within a mile's walk that is open late. On a perpetual search for more caffeine-infused late-night spots! ...gosh, I gotta kick it.

Living here in an actual neighborhood rather than the sterile, self-contained, downtown campus environment is refreshing. Because up north in Columbia Heights, people spend lazy Sundays sitting out with neighbors, and couples drink coffee on their porch in the early morning hours with their dog. The parking spaces clear up on the street in front when those with cars leave for work, only to be claimed a few hours later when technicians and maintenance workers arrive to fix pipes, fertilize yards. Friends gather in clumps to socialize loudly, leaning on car doors and chain-smoking cigarettes. And sometimes you can catch them, the stray cats that slink around, picking through scraps and sneaking through fences.

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