23 June 2008

Pace of life.

One striking difference I've encountered in my travels (which admittedly are fairly limited and privileged) is the wide range of living pace amongst people occupying different parts of the world, different countries, different cities or towns.

As one who has lived in the DC Metropolitan area my entire life, I find that I'm overwhelmed by places such as New York where trends burst into life and fizz out before even reaching the other end of the city. NYC's loud, brash, and doesn't seem to stop. How does anyone get a chance to catch their breath? I've got city energy, for sure, but I consider NYC more a place to spend a weekend partying rather than a place to settle in. Strut your stuff there, make home elsewhere.

I'd really like to find a city that's centered around living with respect to others and to the earth, one that prefers local businesses to chain stores but maybe offers both. My cousin suggests that Portland, where she has spent the last six years, would suit me. I should find out.

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