15 December 2008

Still the season to be thankful?

Just to note in passing, Metrorail's got a few cars running now with the new cloth-covered seats and non-carpeted floors. It's clean-looking, and probably much easier to clean... a few nights ago the car I was riding in had a pile of vomit under one of the seats and I'm sure it's no fun for Metro employees to clean that from the carpeted floor.

Also, I was discussing the Metro system with a couple classmates who all hail from other locations (and have traveled somewhat extensively). We pretty much agreed that although we love to complain about Metro's failures - which, okay, have recently been quite glaring - overall it's a very well-maintained and easy to navigate system compared to others worldwide. Yeah, we're not the best, but sometimes we need to show more respect for the DC Metro system. And yes, I did hear that story about the Metro elevator that suddenly went into reverse...

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