24 December 2008

Debate over burritos, linked from DCist.com

Mmm. I realize it's not yet 7am, but this discussion over the best burritos in the District reminds me that there are many burrito shops that I haven't yet tried. Plenty of places in Mount Pleasant, even, which is super close to my house. Say what you will, I consider the burrito an art form among foods.

Also, it seems I'm among the few who rank The Burro's burritos high... have that habanero sauce once, though, and you'll never look back.


Ian said...

I'm no fan of the Burro, but I'm glad to see you read the IFA now!

*pats self on back for good blog recommendations*

Crystal said...

oh, heh, I didn't even realize that was the same blog you mentioned. I had followed a link from DCist... but I will go look at it now.

Tim said...

of course you know of burritos fast. not the best, but maybe the most for your money. good guac.