24 May 2009

Star Trek film

My day off today - just returned from seeing the Star Trek film (out now in theatres) with some friends. I wanted to post quickly to recommend it, as a non-Trekkie, to anyone looking for an entertaining film. Plenty of excellent CG, and packed full of action with a solid cast. It was pleasantly surprising for me, someone who has probably never seen an entire episode of the Star Trek series before. It's directed by J.J. Abrams, aka the co-creator of the Lost series.

Sundays are excellent and it feels great outside. Cherish these fine fleeting moments before the humidity moves in full-force.


Yong said...

Did you recognize Spock's mom?

Crystal said...

Heh, we didn't even realize that was Winona Ryder until watching the end credits... have you seen the movie yet?

Yong said...

Yeah, I really liked it. I like movies that feel short even though they really aren't. Some blogger commented that seeing Wionna Ryder as Spock's mom made him feel old. I didn't recognize her until I came home and my mom inquired about it.