06 July 2008

Clarendon to Court House.

Spent a few hours exploring Arlington, Virginia with a friend today. It's a pretty neat area, with some quirky little establishments, gorgeous old houses full of character, and many miles of bike trails.

I'm gaining a true appreciation for the DC metropolitan area. It's easy to fall into routines when you're living someplace, to stop being observant of one's surroundings. It's similar to how people from an area never partake in the "touristy" activities, no matter how fun they might be, just because they suppose they'll always be there or that they never change. Showing a visitor around your hometown is another way to gain a new perspective.
I need to work on my DC knowledge database! And in that way, I'll have more to share with others on my travels. It's the question on their lips: "Where are you from?"

I've been hearing bits and pieces about a recent trend towards 'staycations,' which involve vacations spent at home or nearby. That's more an economic thing, I suppose - I admit I haven't read up on it - but there are valuable things to be learned from the place you've always been. Look into the history of your town, discover a new part of the woods...

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